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How To Build Your Own Home Solar Panels

Reduce Home Energy Cost By 80% Or More!

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       Easily Teach Yourself Solar Power!


"Don't let anybody tell you Solar Energy is too expensive. Find out how to construct your own panels and start saving money on your utility bills TODAY!''

    Build your own solar panel system with this easy to follow guide.

 Green-minded homeowners can make solar panels for their residence with a little bit of effort and a few supplies. Solar panels provide heat for a home, and once they are installed, they can decrease the homeowner’s energy bills. Aiding the environment is another benefit of solar panel installation. The materials used to make solar panels are affordable, and homeowners can even purchase the materials from scrap.


             You Can Actually Do This For As Little As $200!


 That’s right, forget about spending $5,000 or more for factory made solar panels because if you can follow simple step-by-step instructions and invest just $200 then you can transform your energy-using home into an energy producing “green home”! You don’t need a degree in engineering, specialized and expensive equipment, or even a big initial investment, just the determination to STOP being held hostage by the Power Companies, You can do this with a small but manageable investment.


 Actually, if you produce more electricity than you use, the electric company is obligated by law to buy it from you at current market price! So imagine if instead of mailing a check to the electric company each month they could be sending YOU a check each month! And no you DO NOT need to invest $1,000’s in costly solar panels to transform your home into an energy producing “green home”!



 When beginning a solar panel building project, collect plywood sheeting, tin wire, Plexiglas and soldering materials along with solar cells, ultraviolet-ray coating and silicone caulk. In addition, the construction effort will require several tools including a caulking gun, screwdriver and paintbrush as well as a saw, plywood and wire cutters. (
For Complete List Go Here )


 Before homeowners begin building their home's solar panels, they will need to determine the proper placement for the energy saving mechanisms. Solar panels on northern hemisphere homes should face south as this placement will ensure that the home acquires the most sunshine every day. Solar panels on southern hemisphere homes will face north.

Constructing The Solar Panels

 After determining the number of solar cells required for the size of the home, cut the plywood into the desired shape and spread on the UV-ray protective glaze with a paintbrush. The glaze will need to dry.


 The next step is to apply a soldering aid to the bus strips, which are on the solar cells, with a Rosin flux pen. The soldering method will ensure a proper connection for all of the wiring.


 Once the homeowner has attached all of thesolar cells to one another, it is time to connect them to the plywood base. Each panel will have two unconnected wires. Therefore, the builder will need to drill holes to feed the wires through to the back. Be sure to use silicon to seal the openings around the drilled holes.


 The next step is to construct the panel’s border to hold the Plexiglas. To attach the Plexiglas, adhere it to the border with silicon and then drill holes in the Plexiglas for the screws. After drilling the holes, secure the Plexiglas with the screws.

 With self-constructed solar panels, be sure to inspect each section for openings as extra space may permit moisture to enter. Also, homeowners will need to drill a small hole on the panel’s bottom section to stop the buildup of moisture.


 Self-built solar panels are affordable to make, and upon their completion and installation, homeowners will effectively lower their energy bill.


The winning designs were ultimately put to the test…by High School students! That’s right, high school students with no help from their teachers were able to use the instructions to create their very own solar panels! All eight groups of students (working in pairs) were able to reproduce the winning designs to create both workable solar panels at an average cost of just $200 and using nothing more than simple hand tools!


Photos Of My Completed  Solar Panels


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